Money Stove FAQs


No, the inner parts of money stove was limited built in for each of it so there’s no extra parts can be replace. Built in parts included a net and middle drain bar which allow the air flow to go through and making the joss paper to be fully burnt very fast.

No. Cover up the middle drain bar will cause the air cannot flow through very well then would taking more time to burn out the joss paper.

Taking half an hour if the money stove fully filled up (It depends on the amount of the joss paper)

We are using material SUS304 Stainless Steel to produce the money stove so it will be more durable than the other money stove that using material 201/202/430. So, their money stove will get rusty easily in a high temperature and only can be used within 2-3 years.

Our money stove was made by material SUS304 Stainless Steel so the thickness of our money stove will be thicker and more practical than the other money stove that selling at the market so it is definitely worth to buy.